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Melissa Freeland


Morning quiet



Outtake from the Music Shoot for SHEI Magazine, Winter 2014

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First round of pesto this season- from plant to plate.

The stars and the stripes.

Grit: (n. adj.): meaning either a) coarsely ground stone, sand, gravel, ect. or b) describing stick-with-itness

Ann Arbor, MI

New flagpole going up on the University of Michigan’s campus

May 2014

Arbor by Night l -near South U. Espresso Royale 

Ann Arbor, MI

Corner Value Stairs l Ann Arbor, MI

flower lines and powerlines in the middle of a storm at 1 am, Ann Arbor, MI

SOOC cannon 60 D 50mm f1.8 ISO 5600 k2500 + blue and magenta compensation in camera. Looking to see how far I can push this.

Super super stoked about these pics I took around 1 this morning in the rain and streetlights, this would be SOOC, but I’m still waiting for my camera to dry out so I can take the cards out. Iphone image of the screen. More to follow.

Sway l October, 2013